Learning Disability Profile

Below is a learning disability profile for a child with a reading disability. Abbreviations are explained after the chart. Note the underachievement in reading, relative to general intellectual abilities (the IQ scores). Scores outside the shaded area in the chart are significantly different from average. Statistically, scores within the shaded area are less than one standard deviation from average. This child's score on reading achievement is almost 2 standard deviations below average, while his intellectual ability scores are average.

Intellectual Measures (WISC-III) Academic Measures (WJIII)
VIQ = Verbal IQ Reading = Broad Reading Cluster
PIQ = Performance (nonverbal) IQ Math = Broad Mathematics Cluster
FSIQ = Full-Scale (overall) IQ Writing = Broad Written Language Cluster
VCI = Verbal Comprehension Index Academic Knowledge = a combination of Science, Social Studies, and Humanities achievement
POI = Perceptual Organization Index
FFDI = Freedom from Distractibility Index
PSI = Processing Speed Index

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