WJIII (Woodcock-Johnson Tests)

The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement is a widely-used, comprehensive collection of tests measuring level of achievement in reading, mathematics, written language, and knowledge. Currently the most recent edition is the IIIrd (WJIII). Individual tests are organized into clusters which measure different aspects of each subject area. These tests can be scored based on age norms or grade norms.

The Reading tests are organized into three clusters. The Broad Reading Cluster is considered the most general measure of reading achievement, and is composed of Letter-Word Identification and Passage Comprehension. The Basic Reading Skills Cluster measures sight vocabulary and the ability to apply phonic and structural analysis skills. It is composed of Letter-Word Identification and Word Attack. The Reading Comprehension Cluster measures comprehension of single words (Reading Vocabulary) and of words in context of a passage (Passage Comprehension).

The Mathematics tests are organized into three clusters. The Broad Mathematics Cluster measures skill in performing written calculations (Calculation) and in analyzing and solving practical word problems (Applied Problems). The Basic Mathematics Skills Cluster measures computational skill (Calculation) and knowledge of mathematical concepts and vocabulary (Quantitative Concepts). The Mathematics Reasoning Cluster is composed only of the Applied Problems test.

The Written Language tests are organized into three clusters. The Broad Written Language Cluster measures production of single-word responses (Dictation) and production of sentences in context (Writing Samples). On the Basic Writing Skills Cluster measures single-word responses (Dictation) and identification of errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and usage (Proofing). The Written Expression Cluster measures production of increasingly complex sentences in context (Writing Samples) and timed production of simple sentences according to a general rule (Writing Fluency).

The Broad Knowledge Cluster is composed of the Science, Social Studies, and Humanities tests, and measures knowledge of general content areas, rather than specific skills.

The WJIII Achievement tests can also be used with the coordinated Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Ability.

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